Video Games and Social Behavior

Online games are games that are played by people around the world via the Internet. These online games can range from simple flash games to complex 3D games. The term “online game” can refer to any game that you play over the Internet, but there are also games that can only be played via the Internet. Online games are usually free to play and can be played using your browser. However, there are some online games that require membership or purchase of certain products such as game controllers and software.

One of the most common features of online games is the presence of an age rating. Many data sgp online games do have an age rating which enables players to determine the maturity of the game before they start playing it. Most video games have age ratings that parents can check to ensure their children are safe while playing these games online. The age rating system is in place to prevent players from playing games that are too advanced for their age group. This helps kids and adults playing together and prevents them from being exposed to unnecessary risk.

An additional research question posed to participants included the use of social behavior and purposive sampling as tools to evaluate online games. The study concluded that these two were not related to online games, but rather influenced overall social behavior and online games offered little influence on this variable. Social behavior is influenced by the amount of time spent playing the game and online games that encourage social interaction may have greater impact on overall societal behavior. Purposive sampling is basically asking people to complete questionnaires regarding their online gaming experiences. While there is no scientific evidence that answering surveys leads to better online games, there is some evidence that it may lead to a better overall experience with the game and more engagement with the game.

This same research indicates that survey takers are not comfortable revealing their personal information online. With the prevalence of online games and the lack of personal information control, young people feel more confident revealing very little about themselves online. This could be problematic for the game developer who needs to protect their intellectual property rights.

The last topic that we looked at was whether online games influence social behaviors and online gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation. This topic is still up in the air. It is unclear if younger generations who play games online are more apt to embrace new technology or if they are just more used to online gaming consoles. Gaming experts disagree on whether younger generations are socially responsive when they play games online. This topic may come up at a later time due to the increased interactivity that is featured on modern consoles.

Overall, the study found that there is mixed evidence on the link between on-line games and social behavior. There is some evidence that on-line games do positively affect children’s socialization skills, but there is very little evidence of an impact on overall social behavior. The results of this study are also dependent upon which types of games players are playing. Video game specialists have claimed that games such as World of Warcraft affect social behavior. Based on the research presented here, it appears that there is a positive impact on socialization, but it is unclear whether the impact is greater than the level of significance of the activity.

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