The Effects of Online Gaming to Kids and Teenagers

Do you know that a large number of kids and teenagers nowadays are addicted to playing online games? This is really a shocking news but actually, it’s true. What’s even more shocking is that these kids and teens spend hours of their time in front of their computer playing these games. These people do not realize the bad effects which they have brought into their families and close friends. They think that they are just playing some video games when in fact, they have already damaged a lot of things.

There are several consequences that online games have brought into the lives of kids and teenagers. The first consequence is of course the damage which the children have brought to their family and close friends. It’s like that they have neglected them and did not care them even for just a day. Kids and teenagers nowadays are like whiny brat kids who just want to play all day and no one cares them even for a second. So now, they cannot perform well in school and they are being bullied at the playground.

Another effect that these games have brought into the lives of kids and teenagers is the decrease of their social skills. In fact, many of them don’t get along with their peers because of their addiction to playing these games. Many kids would rather play video games for hours than spending quality time with their friends and family.

Most teenagers and kids nowadays play games that involve violence. They tend to play violent games, which may cause unnecessary nightmares for their whole family. These kinds of nightmare is not only disturbing, but they are also dangerous to the young minds. They can trigger their imagination and make them commit unlawful activities if they are playing online games. You can get more information about situs poker online.

Furthermore, online games are addictive and many kids and teenagers cannot stop playing them. They cannot stop playing these games especially when there is nothing left for them in front of their computer. Most kids and teenagers spend their spare time playing online games, however they don’t realize that they are losing their chance to live a normal life and gain enough knowledge for the future. Playing online games for long hours will eventually lead them to complete depression and they might become anti-social and might even try to hurt someone because of their excessive game playing.

Online gaming is not good for your children. It is your duty as a parent to keep your children away from these harmful games. Don’t let your kids play online games that are not appropriate for them. Moreover, if you have kids at home, don’t let them play alone. Make sure that you are also present during their play time so you will be able to monitor their activity.

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