The 10 Best Swaddles of 2023

Again, this is the safest position for infants, according to the AAP. You’ll want to stop swaddling as soon as your baby shows signs of trying to roll over, the AAP says. This is another one that testers said was good for wiggle worms. “”My daughter could Houdini her way out of almost anything, but there was a nice window when she couldn’t get out of this,”” one tester said. Because a newborn is so tucked in, this works well in northern climates and for winter babies whose nurseries might get cool at night.

We’ll update this review after we use it for several more months and test its durability. It will be a challenge for your little fox to fight sleep tucked into these Hudson Baby Muslin best swaddle blankets. The charming set of extra large, unisex swaddle blankets are ideal for helping baby enjoy a peaceful slumber.

As for diaper changes, this swaddle requires a little more work than some other options, since you have to totally unwrap your baby to change them. Note that this style doesn’t have a zipper at the bottom for easy diaper changes, which might be fine by you. If you unswaddle your baby for a late-night feeding, you can change their diaper, too, before rewrapping them.

Because the process of learning how to swaddle a baby can be daunting, there are also products on the market that offer the security of a traditional swaddle with the convenience of modern design. Finally, it has a harness slit that will allow you to safely secure your baby in their car seat, swing, or bouncer even while they’re wrapped up. When you send your little one to the grandparents’ house, they shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out how to use these.

Waddles are a must-consider item for any parent who’s preparing to welcome a baby, or who’s looking for a way to improve the sleep quality of a newborn. No matter where you live, remember to never put extra blankets in the crib with your newborn, as they can increase the risk of SIDS. Making sure that your baby’s arm is positioned straight down by their side, wrap the right corner over your baby, and tuck the end underneath them. Overall, we wanted to like this – and we loved the prints and fabric! – but it was a bit too much for a process that needs to be simple.

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