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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , about 71 million Americans have high cholesterol. Having high cholesterol puts you at risk for cardiovascular disease which is the #1 killer of women and men in the United States. LDH continues to monitor Chikungunya Fever and Dengue Fever, and include any reported cases in its weekly Arbovirus Surveillance Summary. “”If you’re going outside, protect yourself,”” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Raoult Ratard. “”If mosquitoes are biting, everyone is at risk. We recommend you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your children. We encourage everyone to control the mosquito population by dumping standing water from containers around their home. This prevents mosquitoes from reproducing.””

Florida Department of Health in Sarasota County officials received testing results today at a satisfactory level meeting both the U.S. Venice City Hall and other City buildings will be closed Monday, Feb. 20 for the observance of the Presidents’ Day holiday. • A resolution urging the Georgia General Assembly to review and amend its statutes to specifically limit using rap lyrics as evidence in criminal trials. • An ordinance to amend Chapter 150 of the City of Atlanta’s Code of Ordinances to prohibit parking in school carpool lanes during certain hours (Legislative Reference No. 22-O-1544).

To learn more about LDH, visit For up-to-date Health Information News3080, news and emergency updates, follow LDH’s Twitter account and Facebook. Department of Transportation’s Safe Streets and Roads for All grant opportunity in an amount not to exceed $30 million for the implementation of the Pryor and Central Safe Street project (Legislative Reference No. 22-R-4029). The project focuses on heat stability of curcumin in turmeric spice which is beneficial to humans as an anti-inflammatory agent, according to Roy. The curcumin of turmeric is also found to be useful for Alzheimer’s and cancer, he said. In the process of making these tablets, he said, a number of problems may occur, including cracking of the film.

Anyone traveling abroad should also take the precautions listed above to protect themselves from mosquitoes in other countries. Mosquitoes in other parts of the world including the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Africa or Europe might infect you with chikungunya or dengue fever. For more information about these diseases, visit the CDC’s website byclicking here. A swimming pool that is left untended by a family for a month can produce enough mosquitoes to result in neighborhood-wide complaints. Be aware that mosquitoes may even breed in the water that collects on swimming pool covers. Drainage holes that are located on the container sides collect enough water for mosquitoes to breed.

• A resolution urging Congress to adopt the Medicare for All Act of 2021 (H.R. 1976) to provide universal, comprehensive health coverage with zero cost-sharing for patients. The detainees include those in the custody of Fulton County who have been charged or convicted of violating federal, state, or local law, or held as a material witness. According to the legislation, the number of detainees will not exceed 700 and the agreement will be for a term of four years with no renewal options. Fulton County will pay the City of Atlanta $50 per detainee daily and receive 65 percent of the phone commissary fees generated at the detention center from housing Fulton County detainees. ATLANTA — The Atlanta City Council approved legislation Monday to authorize the mayor to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the Fulton County Sheriff and Fulton County for the temporary housing of adult Fulton County detainees at the Atlanta City Detention Center (Legislative Reference No. 22-O-1632). As amended, the lease agreement cannot go into effect until a jail population review study is conducted by the Justice Policy Board, a board that was established in an agreement between the City and Fulton County in November 2021.

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