The traditional game in Indonesia is a culture in which the existence should be preserved and retained, as it comes from certain region that has cultural values of society life . Every region also has traditional games with different names and procedures, although, sometimes, there are games that have similar rules with different names in different regions. As an example, in West Java, there is a game named galah asin, while outside West Java, the game is known as gobak sodor. Although the name of both of games is different, they have similar rules and procedures. In traditional games, there are games that involve physical activity, known as traditional sports. The Bakiak game requires togetherness and cooperation in the team to win.

Traditional games offer better socialization, as they do not refer to sports stars. In traditional games, winning is less important; thus, losing the games is also becoming less important . Crossing the water game generally needs a good balance because, to play this agen slot deposit pulsa game, every participant should walk on a bamboo above a pond as a bridge. The participant who can pass the bamboo bridge without falling becomes the winner. In moving the flag game, a participant should have at least one opponent, then decides a start line and puts a bottle in a finish line.

The dragon’s head of each team will form a “gate” by holding their hands up in the air. Players then sing a song and members will take turns to pass the “”gate””. At some point, the song stops, and the dragon’s heads will close the “gate” by lowering their hands, catching a player who is passing the “gate”. The caught player then has to choose which team they want to join. Ular naga is known across Indonesia under different names, such asslepdurin North Sulawesi orwak wak kung in Betawi.Ular nagarequires many players who are then divided into two teams. Each team will have one player as the dragon’s head, while other team members will form a line behind the dragon’s head.

When the song is finished, all player’s hand come out and show their hand side. A very different type of instrument is the gamelan orchestra. Gamelan is actually a group of percussion and accompanying instruments which are housed on short legs which allow the musician to play the instrument sitting down on the floor cross-legged. Gamelan are used in traditional music, primarily in Java and Bali. Although today’s children may think that cars made from Jeruk Bali skins are no match for contemporary toy cars, many Indonesian men have fond memories of these home-made cars.

This game can be played with as many players as possible, with one player as the seeker. The seeker will then count to 10, and the rest of the players will have to look for places to hide. After that, it will be the seeker’s turn to find the players in their hiding places. Known asterompah pancungin Lampung,egrangis played by standing on a pair of tall bamboo shoots, and the players are required to maintain their balance as they walk with the long bamboo legs. The goal of the game is to take control of the opposing team’s fortress by tagging the opposing team’s members.

In the water hitting game, some plastic bags are filled with water, tied, and hung on a string. The participants get ready in the start line with their eyes closed. When they hear the command, the participants should walk straightly as fast as possible to hit the water bags hanging on a banana trunk. The participant who successfully smashes the water bag will be the winner.

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