How To Make Avb Edibles With Already Vaped Bud

You have to realize that very few vapes will strip all the THC off your bud with 100% efficiency. There is typically a small amount of THC left in there. So you don’t want to eat it, you don’t want to brew it, and you think coconut oil is witchcraft. For tea, add your AVB to your tea leaves and steep. Stronger teas will mask the AVB taste better, or you could add more honey or another sweetener.

The tincture should then be stored in a dark or opaque bottle, preferably out of sunlight. If you vaporize your herb heavily and to a crisp every time, your AVB will not have much potency left. And the taste will definitely be bitter, and not fun to eat.

I got it from but thats just because i googled it and they had the best price/ were in stock at the time. Pretty pricey at £30 for half a litre, but its worth it to see if it’s worth it as it were. Your Already Been Vaped done Already Been Decarbed, so you can skip that too, unless you leave a lot if green. water cure abv has already been decarbed through the heat that was applied to it while vaping it. Water curing AVB helps reduce some of that nasty taste and aroma without affecting the potency of the product.

Each piece of cheesecloth can contain 50 grams of AVB, at least. But water curing is such an important aspect of using ABV, that we wrote this more detailed guide about how to water cure your ABV. Why should you eat AVB in a sandwich and why not on it’s own? Even covering it up with peanut butter, ice cream, or yogurt might not be enough for some people. Water cured Already Vaped Bud can be sprinkled onto your food, and you will not be able to tell the difference.

So getting rid of them is actually a good thing because it will make that signature weed taste diminish. And while it won’t go away entirely, it’ll definitely help make your AVB creations more palatable. Ive been washing my oil half way through cooking.

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