5 Best Moving Companies in NYC of 2023

This program covers the move, packing and customer service process. We take pride in all of our services, and stand behind them 100%. We designed muuv from the ground up to be the ultimate moving experience from start to finish. And we are powered by Roadway, NYC’s #1 rated mover. Lou and the crew use two sizes of Sprinter vans to take on moves.

Since 1851, our movers have been committed to the excellence and customer satisfaction that got us to where we are today. Out of 4,000+ customer surveys collected, over 98% say they would either “Definitely” or Probably” recommend our services to a relative or friend. Moving offices, retail stores, or a restaurant? Whether your business is moving locally or to another state, Samba Moving will make your transition seamless and hassle-free.

Mike and his crew of two extra men moved my apartment quickly and efficiently. They handled my items with care and took everything! When I got to my new apartment, there was a slight hiccup because my couch couldn’t fit on elevator so they had to walk it up 3 flights of stairs. But they did it with no complaints or begrudging attitudes.

Families who need to free up space by moving some of their belongings into storage without changing addresses. Check out the sites of each company to see the features they offer! From there, you can get a quote for the company you find to be the most reliable. Eastside, Westside, Uptown, Downtown, across town and beyond, our NYC Movers can help take the stress out of your next move. For all flat rate inquiries, please contact MoverXchange, the newest and most innovative platform to find a Mover.

Because of its size, Lift NYC offers very personal service that is attuned to their clients. Piece of Cake Moving & Storage has a solid reputation as one of the best NYC movers. If you want to feel safe and have a smooth moving experience, these guys will deliver a wonderful experience. Sometimes moving to a new home means it’s time for some of your belongings to move out. Our storage facilities are safe, secure and easily-accessible. You can sleep soundly knowing your belongings are under our team of veterans’ supervision.

DIYing your move and renting a truck for a cross-country move can cost anywhere from $1600 to $5200 and up – and that’s not including room and board, food, and gas. The general rule of thumb is that each individual mover will cost about $45 per hour, and you’ll need one mover per room. We’ve seen it all and have the experience necessary to give you a high quality, stress-free move no matter the situation. We know timing is important, especially in New York.

From NYC to Miami, California and Seattle we can move you to any state in the USA. With on time long distance delivery dates and safe packing we will get you settled into your new home quickly. New York City has unique challenges that can dramatically increase moving costs. But if you research, ask the right questions, and plan ahead, you can have an affordable NYC move. We talked to real people who made the move and here’s what they said about it. We also discussed some neighborhoods and all you need to know moving between the two cities.

We’ve got all the hands you need for your small move. It’s why we’re always there to answer any questions. You can even check out our reviews on Google or Yelp to put your mind at ease. We always make sure we’ve got everything we need when heading out. Just stand aside, and we’ll handle everything.

Their moving service will be there for you 24/7, so you don’t need to worry about getting stuck in the middle of a move. If you need to store stuff in your transition, this service is the one for you. The people at Rabbit Movers care about what they do, and many of them are artists themselves. They take care to hire other artists to work in their midst so the art being moved is taken care of, and artists are making an income to continue doing what they love.

“”Rabbit Moving & Storage is unique in that its moving staff is comprised entirely of artists.”” Oz Moving & Storage factors all labor expenses and fuel costs when providing your Guaranteed Price. We also provide a certificate of liability insurance with every move. All of our movers are extremely well reviewed and trusted.

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