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Spider Wars is a fast-paced shooter in which you can either work with your fellow spiderkin, or blow them up for glory. Or sport. Or because Peter hasn't been filing his TPS reports correctly...   Our spiders can traverse any solid surface at any angle. Want to get an edge by walking on the ceiling, raining death from above? Or how about reenacting nursery rhymes with the closest spout? No problem! Just run up to objects and the spiders will attach themselves, allowing you complete freedom in your ascent.   What game about spiders would be complete without the ability to build webs? We don't know. What we do know however, is that you can build them in this game. String webs strand by strand to construct whatever your heart desires. Your ideal spider fortress is now within reach. Perhaps you are not much of a builder; fret not! Use your web to swing around like a certain costumed human who has been stealing all the glory that rightfully belongs to spiderkind. No radiation involved.

Spider Wars Press release

*21 April 2017* CarVin Interactive has released its first game on steam, 'Spider Wars' for Windows desktop PCs. Play as a futuristic spider equipped with a unique arsenal and a desire to find how you came to be. Progress through various levels with traps, puzzles and enemies. There are also an assortment of lavish boss fights as well as a second playable spider species that are soon to come.


- A movement system like no other - An interesting story line - Build webs and swing around corners - Multiplayer - Single player

Spider Wars *Early Access* is available on Steam for purchase

About CarVin Interactive:

CarVin Interactive is a South-African based team of 5 developers which specialize in using Unity to create games that appeal to everyone’s taste and desire. More information at : About Spider Wars: A multiplayer experience with several game modes as well as a single player campaign which will feature the the story of the spiders finding their origins. As the story and gameplay are still being developed, your input is greatly valued. to find out how you can share your comments with us Thank you for taking the time to read our press release With kind regards - The CarVin Team  

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